Free Google Chrome Download

How to Download Google Chrome and Install it

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. It’s an innovative product from the ever efficient Google Company. Google avails this browser for users at no cost; hence users can download google chrome without digging into their pocket. The browser is an open-source web browser which is built to be highly efficient in supporting web based applications and has good stability and amazing browsing speed.

Chrome download and installation typically is fast and takes under a minute to get installed. You can download google chrome from the free download google webpage of Google. You can download chrome for your Windows, Linux and Mac based computer, and now with the increased use of smartphones, Google has also enabled google chrome download for smartphone and tablets users.

Steps To Installing Google Chrome

The option of google chrome free download for windows 7, 8, Vista and XP are all available for free.

1. Visit to get started with google chrome free download.

2. Once the web pages have loaded up, the google download button will look more or less like what is shown in the screen shot below. This google download button will allow you to choose the language option.

3. Once you have selected the language you want the chrome download to have, next you will be downloading the installer file to your local drive.

4. After successfully downloading this file, execute the file by double clicking. It will effectively run the installation file and install chrome to your computer. The execution of the installation file will look more or less like the screen shot below.

5. The next stage of the installation will require you to review the various terms of services of Google chrome download. Click on Accept and Install button to proceed with the installation process. This is as shown in the screen shot below:

6. Once the installation process has successfully completed, you will see a “Welcome to Google Chrome” dialog box appearing on the newly installed google chrome download. Choose your default search engine from a set of three available options as shown below:

7. Next will be to import your browser history and home page settings in order to continue using your new google chrome browser without losing useful information you had installed in your earlier browser.

8. At the final stage a Google Chrome window will be opened and you can enjoy fast, secure and stable browsing.
After following all the above mentioned steps, you can go to google chrome download free store to get other useful apps and plug-in to have in your browser which will improve your browsing experience.